Lime Green: Summer 2019’s Hottest Colour

Picture neutral tones and what do you see? Probably soft shades of beige, cream, light greys and white. This summer, however, one of the biggest trends is lime green, which works well as a neutral when used as a base for a whole outfit.

Lime green isn’t as bright as neon green, which has also been a strong look this season, according to the Evening Standard, and looks great when teamed with a whole host of other colours.

Here are some tips to help you introduce a splash of lime green to your summer wardrobe without it overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

Add Flashes of Colour

A lime green vest or silky cami adds a welcome pop of colour under a lightweight summer jacket or blazer and lifts what could be a rather boring outfit to something on-trend and eye-catching. Stick to softer tones of lime green if you have warm colouring, as sharper tones could be too harsh. If you have cool colouring, however, you should be able to get away with greens with a more neon tone. You could also add a lime green handbag or clutch to a neutral outfit. And don’t forget your nails – lime green finger or toe nails add a contemporary twist to any outfit, but make sure you select a shade that’s flattering to your skin tone.

Choose Pieces That Incorporate Lime Green into Their Fabric

Checks and stripes are still big news this summer, and there is a definite move towards the colourful fabrics of the 60s and 70s. If you don’t like the look of a whole block of lime green, look for pieces that use small elements of the colour in their design rather than making lime green the focus. A checked shirt with flashes of lime green or striped trousers with a neutral base and hint of green are great ways to wear this of-the-moment shade. If you’re looking for stylish wedding guest dresses with lime green elements, check out retailers such as

Go All Out

Of course, if you feel you can carry it off, you could dress in head to toe lime green! There are some fantastic lime green suits around at the moment, perfect for summer weddings. Keep accessories in neutral shades, though, to top off your outfit stylishly.

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