How to Find a Talent Manager

No matter what talent you want to share with others, you will need the assistance to hone those skills and receive a steady stream of work and exposure. For starting performers or creators, a talent manager is the ideal choice, since they can spend time with you and nurture your career throughout each job. While talent mangers like David Guillod are more approachable than agents, you will still have to prepare to find one. Follow these tips to ensure you find the best manager possible.

Use a Referral

Finding a talent manager is sometimes not different from regular job searching. Depending on your connections, referrals may be a safe bet. Contact a colleague, a teacher, a friend or some other person in the industry that has a relationship with a reputable manger. Ensure that they have a strong current relationship before requesting a referral. Also, remember that their reputation is on the line as well, so make a great first impression.

Stick to Your Specialty

Managers cover a broad range of talents and abilities. While some may work with both actors and musicians, for example, it is not always the case, as managers are more hands-on than agents. A specialized manager can spend more time with you, help with specific challenges and offer appropriate jobs. Therefore, decide on your specific field (acting, writing, singing, etc.) and look for managers that specialize on it. Again, ask friends, mentors or coworkers in that same area.

Attend Special Events

Sometimes, talent managers are the ones actively chasing undiscovered talent, usually through events such as talent showcases. Look for the times and locations and follow the directions for each event. Make sure to bring your best material. This is one of the most direct opportunities you will receive to show what you have.

Finding talent managers may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be this way. Open yourself up, ask for help and seek opportunities to land the right manager for your career.

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