How to take a hit in hockey 

In sport, learning the proper technique is an essential part of training. From performing the perfect golf swing to executing a flawless high-dive, developing a good technique not only improves performance in your chosen game, but it also helps to prevent picking up a sports injury.

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Benefits of good technique

Adopting bad habits and the wrong techniques means that while the player may appear to perform well initially, they are increasing their risk of developing acute or chronic injuries that will affect their performance in the long term. In the worst case scenario, it could prevent them from playing at all. Physiotherapists recommend honing good technique in all aspects of your chosen sport, from strength in posture and movement to coordination and flexibility.

Studying technique not only promotes safety and physical strength, but also translates into better all-around performance, making the difference between playing at an average level and moving onto more advanced skills. Establishing a good technique early on is essential and encompasses everything from the way a player grips the hockey stick to body movement as each shot is played.

Sports coaches often employ video as a training tool so players can see for themselves how well they are performing, where they’re going wrong, and what they need to do to improve their technique. With hockey, it’s no different.

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Technique in taking hits in hockey

A range of hockey training drill videos have been developed to help players practice how to make the most of every shot in every circumstance. Fortunately, a good number of these drills are available online to watch and learn from. Drills that illustrate skills in taking corner shots, dribbling, passing and receiving, intercepting, squeeze-hits, sweep-hits, aerial shots and more are displayed either through live action videos or animated diagrams, often accompanied by coaching tips to get the best from players.

If you’re looking for hockey drill footage, a good starting point would be to visit Sportplan for hockey training drill videos, one of many great resource sites used by hockey coaches.

Whether you’re a player or a coach, regardless of the position you play, these resources are invaluable when incorporated into your training plan to help master the technicalities of the game, both in terms of skill and game play.

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