Unique Ways to Drink Wine in Napa Valley

When you take a trip to Napa, you will inevitably enjoy the region’s wines. You can do it at the usual vineyard, with a tour of their cellar and explanation of their process, or you can do something more unique and specialized. Here are the most intriguing places and ways to sip wine that will provide an unforgettable experience during your trip.

Drink Wine in a Castle

A unique and fascinating way to drink wine in Napa is at Castello di Amorosa, an authentically designed Tuscan castle based on those built in the Italian region in the 13 century. Here they provide a fun, interesting, and unforgettable experience. Tours of the castle, tastings, and food pairings are offered daily. Serving Italian style wines, you will feel as though you have your own little piece of Tuscany in the similar climate that is Napa Valley. Here you can tour the vineyard and feel like a medieval Italian in their beautiful castle. Check out https://napavalleyballoons.com/price-of-balloon-rides.php.

Wine & an Air Balloon Flight

A great experience is drinking wine before riding in a hot air balloon. You can purchase packages that combine tours of wineries in various vehicles and air balloons. Take an exclusive, romantic flight with your significant other or go with a group of friends. Meet new people in a joint ride or choose to stay private. Nothing is better than tasting delicious wines, feeling their effects, and viewing the glorious, gorgeous landscape of Napa Valley from above it all.

Food & Wine Pairings

Not only does Napa have some of the best wine in the world, the amazing food follows accordingly. Here you can pair delicious wines with delicious food at many restaurants and wineries. Particular vineyards have their own restaurants while high end dining establishments offer selections of wines from around the region. You can even have brunch while enjoying wines, mimosas, or even a bloody Mary. The food in this terrific region is not to be missed.

Enjoy Wine on a Yacht

The only thing better than trying incredible wines is doing so on a yacht. Take a yacht tour with a winemaker and enjoy their artisan wines while taking in the beautiful sites on the Napa River. On the boat you will also have private chefs cooking some of the best food you can imagine. This kind of tour provides all you could ask for: great wines, amazing food, gorgeous views, and great company.

Stroll through Wine Country

Another great option is to take a bike tour through Napa Valley’s wine country. Enjoy the beautiful landscape while being outside, feeling great and drinking wine as you go. A perfect activity for anyone who loves the outdoors, you will give a feel for the valley you can’t get in a car or SUV. Go at your own pace and bike from vineyard to vineyard, taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes that Napa has to offer. With the Sun on your face and the wind through your hair, you will have an incredible experience.

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