Do you download your music or listen to it online?

One of the greatest pleasures of all times is to listen to music. Whether you feel angry, sad, happy or even pumped up, you would have a different song to match for every mood.

People usually get to listen to music in two ways. They either download it or just listen it online. Many of us prefer downloading music and listen to it anytime and anywhere. Any you are hooked to a new movie song; you just download it so you can listen to it all the time. Apps on our mobile phones help in doing just that. Many people buy music through verified sources but more than that number, people simply download from music sites on the internet that are usually not safe and offer you the pirated versions. Many of these sites are not even legal.

On the alternate, one can either listen to songs online. The audience now has a platter of options to choose from. You can just click ‘play’ and there you go. You only need to select and play as per your mood. The major benefit is that you need not download each and every time. This also saves up your phone memory space to a great extent. Even as this sounds like the best option, however, it lacks one big thing. And that is internet connectivity.

You must have a good internet connection in order to hear uninterrupted music. No one really likes buffering of the song for minutes. A Hindi song download may take a few seconds but at least you can hear your song without being interrupted. And you can find your solace in the downloaded music while you are not connected to the internet.

However, it is a fact that people now would prefer listening to songs online than downloading them like they used to do in the yesteryears. One of the main sought-after options is YouTube where people prefer not only viewing the videos but also just listening to the audios as well. Music playlists on YouTube are a popular thing and people have moved on to those.

In the end, the better choice completely depends on the individual based on his needs. But we are here to tell you both the pros and cons of each side of the coin. As of today, listening to music online seems like the best option. But you may download your most favorite songs that you would want to listen to most of the time. And for those that you only want to listen occasionally, listening online can be a good option.

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