An Affordable Guide to Enjoying New York City’s Theater District

The lure of a live theatrical performance is appealing to many people. The Theater District, now referred to as Broadway, originated in the mid 1700’s and is now one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. Whether it be the fascination with the history of the area or the fact that the best shows in the world are running in multitudes, Broadway has been attracting the avid theater-goer for a few generations. While tickets can be a bit on the pricey side, there are some options for finding affordable seats.

Avoid Scalpers

As with everything else that is invented, along with the new innovation comes someone who will try to take advantage of the system. Scalpers have probably been around since the beginning of ticket sales. Sometimes, they will buy tickets in bulk and then try to take advantage of someone looking for unavailable tickets by charging exorbitant prices. More often, though, they will create fake tickets and sell them for cheaper prices, alluring the unwitting buyer into falling for their scam. It’s usually best to avoid the uncertainty of dealing with any unknown individual when looking for Broadway show tickets.

Search Online Resources

There are several online resources where legitimate tickets can be found. The best way to get cheap broadway tickets is to find a reputable broker who has a strong reputation for delivering valid tickets. They will be able to secure that most sought-after ticket, usually at a discounted price. Their buying power enables them to be able to do this. A broker will stay abreast of all the latest release dates for tickets and buy in bulk. This buying is generally discounted to the broker, who is then able to pass along the saving to their customers. Or, the broker may buy tickets that will sell out quickly. Although they won’t get a discount price for these tickets, they will be able to pass them along for a nominal user fee. A third-party agent can either sell discounted tickets or have the capability of finding those impossible-to-find Broadway seats.

Buy in Advance

Buying in advance is also an option for finding cheaper tickets. Sometimes, theaters will offer deals for buying tickets months or years in advance of upcoming show dates. This option is usually most effective when dealing with third-party brokers who are always looking ahead in their business. Whether the buyer is purchasing directly for the theater or a broker, buying tickets early will almost always result in a discount on the face value of the ticket.

While some premier show tickets can cost several hundred dollars, there are a few ways for the savvy shopper to find ways around breaking the bank to see a show. The experience of being in the audience of a live performance can create a memory that will be remembered for a lifetime. With a little diligence, and, maybe the help of a trusted broker, affordable tickets can be found.

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