Entertainment Complexes and Sports Bars

Many people are choosing to enjoy their entertainment right in their own homes. They watch big screen TV’s, stream content on mobile devices, and compete in online games. But humans are social beings and even though social media provides quick connection many people still crave face to face interaction. Getting Out of the House One reason that people leave home is to go to a restaurant. Dining out is one of the most popular entertainment experiences. It replaces the need to cook and clean up and gives individuals the opportunity to have a meal together. The number of restaurants in the US increased by almost 100,000 in the last five years. These include fast food chains, take out restaurants, casual sit-down restaurants, and some more formal eateries. You can try Mexican, Italian, or American in any variety of environments. You can also eat at a steak house, bistro, or ramen restaurant, or sample craft beers at a rustic tavern. In 2018, there was a great deal of anticipation for places like Novel, Black Dirt, and Freshwater. All of these restaurants opened in the Midwest and if you are ever in the Missouri area, you might want to try one of these hot new KC restaurants. They provide the variety to attract visitors and the quality necessary to keep diners returning. More Than Just Food Many of those who eat out are looking for a more diverse experience and they can usually find this at a sports bar. These places are taverns that cater to sports fans by providing multiple TV screens offering a variety of sports events broadcasted from multiple venues. These bars generally serve food and are decorated with sports memorabilia. Sports bars provide a comfortable environment with a leisurely atmosphere where enthusiasts can mingle with friends to complain about or celebrate a team’s exploits. The more upscale sports bars have relaxing lounge spaces and a variety of interactive and arcade games for guests to play. These locations are more like complexes than bars and they have been designed for those seeking a higher level of entertainment. Menus include simple bar bites, burgers and unique sandwiches, and even full dinners. There may also be live music. With the variety of features at these new entertainment complexes, it is probably a misnomer to call them sports bars. A Family Affair Clearly the trend is to entertain the entire family. Establishments are working hard to compete with the systems that people have in their homes. They provide amenities that meet the needs of everyone in the family and offer all the comforts of home. There is a variety of foods and beverages and the experience is reasonably priced so that families can spend hours of enjoyment. To attract repeat business, these locations hold special events and contests, sponsor sports leagues, invite athletes or entertainers to conduct photo and autograph sessions, or hold weekly radio shows and podcasts. These activities keep these entertainment centers dynamic and provide all the fun things you cannot get at home.

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